S22 | International Migration and International Relations: Forced Movements of People Across Borders and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Section Chairs:

Valeria Bello,
United Nations University

Sarah Léonard,
Vesalius College

Among the contemporary challenges that face societies and the world at large and that have triggered the formation of the discipline of International Relations, the governance of the so-called 'migration crises' and related phenomena, including mounting levels of prejudice, xenophobia and old-fashioned racism, are particularly intriguing because they entail consequences in different sectors: military, political, economic, social and environmental. Consequently, it is increasingly argued that innovative and interdisciplinary approaches are indispensable today in order to properly understand these overlapping issues. On the one hand, it seems that both public opinion and the old and new media increasingly influence the formulation of migration policies. On the other hand, migrants are among non-traditional actors affecting both International and Bilateral Relations. Therefore, interdisciplinary lenses offer an important contribution to the analysis of these phenomena at the crossroads between the disciplines of International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, and Law, amongst others.

This cross-disciplinary section aims at gathering contributions that address these issues from different angles and in particular through case studies, in order to both further develop this area of study and understand the new directions that it is taking. We welcome both paper and panel proposals on different aspects of International Migration, in particular those dealing with so-called 'migration (or asylum) crises', their social construction, their discursive aspects and the policies that they have inspired.