Young Researchers' Workshop

Young Researchers Workshops are one-day workshops organized by and for doctoral students and recently appointed postdoctoral researchers. Organized around an overarching theme or question, the workshops can be used for several purposes, including gaining experience in academic conference presentation, developing new ideas, building up a research proposal, and/or preparing publications.

 The EISA Board Meeting of 12-13 January 2017 decided to support the following YRWs at the EISA Pan-European Conference in Barcelona, Spain (13-16 September 2017).

  • The significance of obscure practices and subjects: investigating silences in transnational legal spaces. Organized by: Sofia Stolk (Free University Amsterdam) & Renske Vos (University of Edinburgh)

  • Knowing what and how: research methods in complex environments. Organized by: Kerstin Tomiak (Cardiff University)

  • Dissecting the radical: knowledge production and policy-making through the (de-)radicalisation prism. Organised by: Alessandra Russo (Sciences Po Bordeaux) and Selenica Ervjola (University of Trento)

 The workshops take place on 12 September 2017, the day before the main conference. They are only open to participants.